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TOM Bienert

Thomas Bienert, artist with camera and computer
with camera and computer

Tom is a one-man art group. A conceptionist. He always follows a certain idea which lead to a story. He thinks and works in series.  He is a working horse. He shoots a lot, he thinks a lot, he does research and writes and does editing all on his own. He never uses templates (except for this website) or filters or people for his digital art (not even AI). He fights for the 48 hours day, but he doesn't take drugs (except Sauvignon Blanc). 

Tom was born in the Utopia of German socialism, the GDR, but thanks to his courageous parents and their lucky escape he grew up in a small village between cattle paddocks and potato fields in the west of Germany. After school he studied visual communication and started photographing. He began working in the advertising business when Miami Vice was still a TV series. As a Creative Director he sold lipsticks, bank loans and liquors (and sometimes his soul) for international advertising networks. Today Tom only works as an artist.

Telling stories always fascinated him most. Tom's main theme above all is about creating empathy. For people, animals, plants and finally for the planet. His signature style mixture of photography and digital art tells stories in a colourful abstract manner about what happened the day before a person's life changed radically, or how it feels when you get dementia and your memories get blurry. Or which secrets are on our minds. 

Watch his works and read the stories behind to get a feeling for his mindset.

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Interview with Thomas Bienert, the purpose of his art, interesting answers
Podcast with Thomas Bienert
and fairs 2020-2023

STOCKHOLM    Affordable Art Fair

BASEL               Volta

PARIS                art3F


HONGKONG   Affordable Art Fair 

MONACO        art3f 

HAMBURG        INCorporating Art Fair

MIAMI              Hotel Aqua  

DUBAI               World Art Fair 

NEW YORK       AD + ART Show

BERLIN              Haze Gallery

TORINO            Corriere dell' Arte

ZURICH             Artbox Project 

LONDON          Boomer Gallery

MILANO            M.A.D.S. Gallery


VENICE             Biennale Artbox Project 

HAMPTONS      Art market          

BARCELONA     Expometro

ZHUHAI            Makowski Gallery

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