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Thomas Bienert

Thomas Bienert, artist with camera and computer
with camera and computer

I am a one-man art group. I am a conceptionist. I always follow a certain idea which leads to a story. Just creating one nice picture is not my ambition. I think in series. I am a working horse. I shoot a lot, I think a lot, I do research and I write and edit it all on my own. I never use templates (except for this website) or filters or people for the post-production. I fight for the 48 hours day, but I don't take drugs. 

I was born in the Utopia of German socialism, but thanks to my courageous parents and their lucky escape I grew up in a small village between cattle paddocks and potato fields in the west of Germany. After school I studied visual communication and started photographing. I began working in the advertising business when Miami Vice was still a TV series. As a Creative Director I sold lipsticks, bank loans and liquors for international advertising networks. 

Telling stories always fascinated me most. Although I always worked as an artist beneath my advertising career, it took me 33 years to finally concentrate on art. Now I tell stories about the real life because nothing is more interesting and more relevant than the life of humans. I tell stories about what happened the day before a person's life changed radically, or how it feels when you get dementia and your memories get blurry. Based on the experience of the last years of my father who died dement. 

I tell emotional stories with camera and computer. Did I already tell you?

Interview with Thomas Bienert, the purpose of his art, interesting answers
Podcast with Thomas Bienert
and fairs 2020/21

STOCKHOLM    Affordable Art Fair

BASEL               Volta

PARIS                art3F


HONGKONG   Affordable Art Fair 

MONACO        art3f 

HAMBURG        INCorporating Art Fair

BERLIN              Hotel Adlon   

DUBAI               World Art Fair 

NEW YORK       AD + ART Show

BERLIN              Haze Gallery

TORINO            Corriere dell' Arte

ZURICH             Artbox Project 

LONDON          Boomer Gallery

MILANO            M.A.D.S. Gallery

DÜSSELDORF     PhotoPopUp Fair

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